Dr Rod Rohrich Has Put Massive Effort Into Developing His Best In Dallas Reputation:

Reputation is everything in the medical field. This fact is as apparent as anywhere in the case of the cosmetic surgery sector of the medical field. In order to develop that kind of reputation that truly guarantees success, it is necessary for a plastic surgeon to consistently demonstrate their absolute commitment to their patients and to giving them the best possible outcomes in the cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr Rod Rohrich is a cosmetic surgeon that truly lives up to this commitment in the work that he does for his patients. He has consistently been recognized as one of the best cosmetic surgeons operating in the Dallas, Texas region and was recently voted as the number one doctor in his field in that region of the country.

Dr Rod Rohrich originally hails from the northern state of North Dakota and he earned his undergrad and postgrad degrees at North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota, respectively. It was after attaining his postgraduate degree that Dr Rod Rohrich moved to Texas to attend the medical school at Baylor. He has also gained extensive training in programs at Michigan, Oxford and Harvard. Today, Dr Rod Rohrich is considered one of Dallas’s best cosmetic surgeons and has his board certification through the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr Rod Rohrich also currently serves in the capacity of Professor of Plastic Surgery. He holds this position as a member of the faculty with University of Texas’s Southwestern Medical Center.

Offering a wealth of cosmetic surgery procedures is a major aspect of having a successful cosmetic surgery practice of the calibre that becomes known as the best. This is the case of Dr Rod Rohrich’s cosmetic surgery clinic in Dallas known by the designation of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. From facelifts to genioplasty and blepharoplasty and breast augmentation to liposuction, Dr Rod Rohrich has a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures and is an expert on counselling patients as to what procedures are right for them and their needs. These are all reason why he has become well known as the best Dallas area cosmetic surgeon.

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Big News for OSI Group

There are several companies within the food industry that are vying for the top spot but none compare to OSI Group. The company has been around for decades and has gained major recognition over the years thanks to sound marketing and business strategies. OSI Group has some major plans to keep growing and making their contribution to the ever growing food industry.

OSI Group has its start as a small butcher shop located in Chicago. Despite these humble beginnings, OSI rose to become the main supply of McDonald’s when the restaurant had its starts years ago. They are currently one of the largest producers of food in the entire world.

OSI Group is all about implementing the latest technology into their company. It was these technologies that helped the company take center stage in their industry. They boast a strategic method to increase the way they do business in a way that is safe for the environment. One of the main goals of the company is sustainability. This is a company that understands the changes within the market and strives to keep up with the pace.

More and more people from all over the world are seeing the need for sustainability and OSI has risen to the occasion. OSI has adopted some new methods in order to provide sustainability and food that is also gentle on the environment. This forward movement has earned the company several awards including the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, and the California Green Business Award.

OSI Group is currently worth $6.1billion and has over 20,000 employees all over the world. They own over 65 facilities which are located in a total of 17 countries. These statistics make OSI the 58th largest privately owned company in the world which is major news for the business.

OSI believes in growth and making a difference in the world. Maintaining sound business practices and relationships with customers is a great way to ensure longevity in tje food industry. For those looking for more information on the company, be sure to take a look at the company’s website.

What Can You Expect From Fortress Investment Group after Its Acquisition by Softbank

Fortress Investment Group is a highly reputable alternative investment company based in New York. The firm was established in 1998, with the sole aim of helping investors diversify their portfolios by linking them to a larger pool of highly profitable investment opportunities locally and international. The founder would go one to establish one of the most diversified funds with numerous investment vehicles. Visit https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/FIG:US-fortress-investment-group-llc

Driving excellence through experience

Prior to establishing the firm, the investment firm’s founders were deeply involved in the banking and finance fields. Coming from different investment backgrounds they all had the much-needed experience to run various arms of the fortress investment group. Their experience doesn’t just manifest in the fact they were able to turn the firm into the largest investment company but in how they handled the 2008 financial crisis.

Today,Fortress has over $40 billion in assets under management and has clients spread out all across the world. Most of the group’s investments are spread across asset-based investing, capital markets, operations management, corporate mergers and acquisitions and sector-specific firms and corporate institutions.

Factors influencing fortress investment group’s sustainability

The firm’s management is consistently coming up with strategies to fuel their growth. For instance, after the near collapse of the mortgages and distressed debt markets during the last economic recession, fortress investment group sought to shift attention from these markets. They have recently perched on public transport when the investor launched the first privately owned and operated railway line in the country, Brightline that connects Miami and Orlando cities in Florida. The company is also evaluating investments in the technology sector.

Acquisition by Softbank

After close to two decades of consistent success, fortress recently changed ownership after its acquisition by Japan’s Softbank. Softbank is a technology investment firm that is on the verge of diversifying its investment base. The acquisition would see the company delist from the stock market and revert to being a private company.

However, Softbank retained the current management team comprised of Fortress principal founders. Despite its owners maintained their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan Fortress investment group will maintain its offices in New York with n disruption to its investor list or investment strategies.

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Betsy Devos: the new US Education Secretary

If you are not someone who follows the political news all that closely, you may not know all the headlines that are currently swirling around Betsy DeVos from time to time. The woman, who spent most of her life being a rather “under the radar” billionaire has taken on a very public job. She is now the education secretary for the Trump administration. Even if she weren’t doing things that are drawing attention to herself, being a member of this particular administration would be getting her a spotlight she isn’t all that used to anyway. Donald Trump is a kind of rockstar that gets attention to anyone who happens to be in his crew.


That’s an exciting development for someone who spent most of her life being a voice that lobbied from outside. Betsy DeVos perfected the craft of steering a political direction without using her hand directly. Being the person in charge of such a large department means that she has to have a more direct influence on things. One of those things is changing how the federal government views transgender students. President Trump repealed what had been the policy that allowed transgendered students to use the bathroom for the sex they identified as in their day to day lives that strategy was on the cusp of being repealed, DeVos met with representatives of gay and transgender employees at the department. She wanted them to know what was coming.


An aide also told those representatives she wasn’t in favor of the move, but it was what the president wanted. One of the reasons they had to say this at the private meeting is because, in public, there didn’t appear to be daylight between Trump and his education secretary. Not only didn’t DeVos show that she had any problem with that the administration was doing, but she stood there during the announcement and put on a face that looked as though she was entirely on board.


This is the issue with Mrs. DeVos. People are unclear where some of the moves she has made are those that she supports or just that she is doing what the president has asked her to do. Certainly, she has different ideas about education than what others in the country feel. She has spent most of her adult life lobbying for charter schools in her native Michigan. She has worked to change the way that Michigan teaches its children. She seems to genuinely want to change the way the United States teaches its children as well. The question is still whether or not those changes are going to be better for the rest of the country or worse. Even more important than that is figuring out whether or not those changes will be given the time to work because of who she works for under the department of education.


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Greensky Bluegrass Performs For Two Nights At Red Rocks, Promises To Release More Songs

When the Greensky Bluegrass band was founded in Michigan in the mid-2000s, hardly did its founding members know that they could receive the unprecedented acclaim the band has garnered over the years. The band started with 3 members. Although the band has not grown to be a large country band, the number of members has at one point risen to 5. Some of the known Greensky Bluegrass members include Paul Hoffman, who play mandolin as well as vocals, Michael Bont versed in banjo vocals, Anders Beck for dobro, David Bruzz, who is good at the guitar and vocals, and the bass and vocals’ king, Mike Devol.

The five make up the current team that centers its music on progressive bluegrass jam that has a touch of country music. Other members that have served in the band in the past but no longer part of the team include Al Bates and Chris Carr. As new members came in a few years after the formation of the Greensky Bluegrass band, new ideas and influence started to creep in too. Although a few other members have served in the band before and no longer part of the five, those who replaced them have brought in new gems. Hitherto, the band has performed on many stages across Michigan, Colorado, California and several other states.

As 2017 approached its end, the Greensky Bluegrass had a successful record when the band performed in one stage after another. That prepared the band for an even bigger performance in 2018. Preparations for the band’s performance at the Red Rocks theatre in September 2018 started back in January when the band made an announcement. From that time on, it was evident that Greensky Bluegrass band will perform at the Red Rocks theatre in Colorado. Posters were prepared and circulated far and wide. The poster indicated that the band would share the stage with starters California Honeydrops and Turkuaz who performed on Saturday, September 22, 2018, and Sunday, September 23, 2018, respectively. During these two nights, the Greensky Bluegrass engaged their fans from the Red Rocks theatre.


Advanced Data Analytics from Cloudwick Amazon

If you have been running a business for long, you know the challenges that people go through because of poor data handling techniques. Usually, it is difficult to get insights from various statistics. This situation is prompted by the fact that the processes are difficult to streamline. However, there is a reason to be optimistic thanks to Cloudwick Amazon. This service aims at scaling capacity and reducing the costs of capturing data. Through various features, your organization will find it easier to modernize various aspects of data warehouse solutions.

 About Cloudwick Amazon

Cloudwick Amazon offers advanced consulting services. It acts as a partner for the world leading ecommerce store, Amazon. It focuses mainly on big data which is the source of most challenges that business owners face. It will also give you integrated options that include the ingestion of data from various sources. Other services that you are likely to enjoy include data cataloging, management, analytics, and n generation of reports.

What you will get

 When you use Cloudwick Amazon, you will gain access to experts who will guide you through various data processing stages. The most significant advantage of using their service is that they will speed up the process. For instance, they will help to develop a modern data warehouse from where all solutions will be accessible. They also deploy a data lake foundation for your business. Because they already have significant data expertise, you can leverage the skills and experience to grow your investment. There are numerous tools and resources that you can use too.

 Jumpstart discounting offers

 Cloudwick Amazon works with a variety of companies to package discounted offerings. These offerings can jumpstart your journey towards establishing a modern data warehouse. Starting from onsite kickoff, the jumpstart offers use several case requirements to arrive at the best solutions. If you are thinking about the end-to-end warehouse implementation, you will get it through this service.

To make it even better, Cloudwick Amazon aims at meeting their customers’ expectations. The service is tailored to meet the needs of businesses operating in a wide variety of niches by helping them with advanced data analytics.


GreenSky Credit develops winning lending model through technology

GreenSky Credit has become one of the most successful companies within the fintech industry today. The company was founded just 13 years ago by a serial entrepreneur named David Zalik. Throughout its brief history, GreenSky has roundly proven the merits of its unorthodox lending model, showing the world that, sometimes, the best uses of technology are evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Conjuring value into existence

The secret behind the huge success of GreenSky Credit has been the firm’s ability to create strong value for all parties to its transactions. The idea behind the concept of the company came to Zalik when he was running an e-consultancy firm called OutWeb. Zalik had as clients some of the biggest players in the home renovation industry, including names like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Benjamin Moore.

While these companies represented a nearly $400 billion per year industry, Zalik quickly spotted an enormous leak in their business model. It turns out that these companies were collectively losing billions of dollars per year in sales due to customers severely underestimating the costs of their own home renovation projects. Homeowners who had no experience in contracting were often underestimating the true cost of their renovation projects by tens of thousands of dollars. When they discovered the true cost, they were not only hit with serious sticker shock, but, often times, they realized that they simply didn’t have the liquidity to complete their projects at all.

Through the creation of a novel and frictionless lending interface, GreenSky was able to step in and offer these customers point-of-sale loans with truly instant approval for amounts up to the six figures. The key insight that Zalik had regarding these lenders was that the majority of those who were doing the largest home improvement projects fit into the prime borrower category. This meant that the typical GreenSky customer would have a FICO score in excess of 800.

Such high-end borrowers are viewed as excellent customers from the lender’s perspective. In this way, Zalik was easily able to convince lenders to come on board while also creating billions in additional revenues for retailers and getting the customers’ projects completed.


Adam Milstein and His Push to End Anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein is a devout humanitarian who came to be classically characterized by individuals both inside and outside of the Jewish community as being a man with a heart of gold. Rather than choosing to ignore the cultural issues of his community and reflect an inconsideration for the well-being of others, Adam Milstein chose to take the road less traveled by assuming a personal responsibility to address these concerns and devising creative solutions. In efforts to assist the Israeli-American population in acquiring certain lifestyle freedoms and necessary resources, Milstein not only sacrificed his life to combat in war, but he has led from within several Pro-Israel organizations to enforce a positive societal change.

It was the Yom Kippur War of 1973 that Adam Milstein served in at 19 years old upon joining the Israeli Defense Forces to honor his country. After the war, he worked hard to receive his Industrial and Business Management based degree in 1978 from the Israel Institute of Technology and then relocated to the United States in 1981 with the intent to carry out his philanthropic objective. As a new resident to the state of California, Adam Milstein seconded his first degree with his MBA from the University of Southern California in 1983 and hence began his mission with his supportive educational tools in hand.


After working diligently in the real-estate industry as a sales agent for quite some time, Adam Milstein obtained the very dutiful position of managing partner for the well-established real-estate investment firm Hager Pacific Properties. Nevertheless, with his business platform in place, he immediately joined several Pro-Israel nonprofit organizations (Israeli-American Council, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, etc.) and invested into creating his own foundation—The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Co-founded by both his wife Gila and self in 2000, the foundation Milstein enables Milstein to have a direct connection to the Israeli-American community via the provision of Jewish education, health and medical resources, policy research, and occupational training.

Yet, of all of the foundation’s services, one of the most influential aspects upon society is perhaps its involvement in combating Anti-Semitism. According to reports, there has been a worldwide surge in the spread of Anti-Semitism and formed hate groups that has prompted Milstein to make combating the issue a primary objective of the foundation. The foundation works with students across college campuses in the U.S. to inspire Jewish cultural awareness in order to stop the formulation of hate groups and violence before it even begins.


Expands To Enter The Mortgage Market As Well As College Tuition

Dallas Neighborhood homes which is a non-profit mortgage institution has partnered with Nexbank to provide affordable housing financing to its members that reside in the south of Dallas. The goal of the mortgage service provider is to be able to have over a hundred loans disbursed over a year and every other year in its five year deal with the bank institution. The loans will target low-income families that live in a specific zip code located in southern Dallas. Nexbank will provide a total of fifty million dollars which it will inject in the program spread in the five-year deal.

The mortgage institution will then use the funds to lend to homebuyers who have limited access to mortgage facilities as well as offering advice and counseling to new homeowners. The financial counseling services will be provided by Dallas Area Habitat which is also a community-based organization. Nexbank will additionally handle title fees for closed deals that are completed via its affiliate. It will also cater for up to two thousand dollars in costs per loan. This comes at a time when the bank had already closed another deal that saw it acquire a college savings institution located in New Jersey. The bank participates in over five hundred college saving programs will continue operations as a new division of Nexbank. The deal saw that the institution would keep its name as well as branding. Nexbank announced that the agreement was an essential part of their strategy of expansion and broadening their portfolio.

The chief operating officer who spoke on behalf of Nexbank on the unveiling stated that the acquisition allowed them to meet the needs of their clients. Also, it was in their interests to aid families to save for their children’s college education. He also concluded by admitting it was a move stimulated by growth to aim for the short term as well as long-term goals. With such great strides in providing a more full range of services, Nexbank is sure to experience substantial growth as well as business development across the country. This is a big step in the right direction.

ed Bauman Lays Out The Three Ways The U.S. Stock Market Will Collapse Next Time

TIn a recent article that he published through Banyan Hill Publishing, economist Ted Bauman addressed the next stock market crash. Nobody knows when this will occur but it will happen at some point. Ted Bauman believes it’s a 50/50 proposition between the market continuing as a bull market and it pulled back into a bear market. Ted Bauman has pretty valuable advice about investing and the global stock market given his experience. He was born in America and moved to South Africa so that he could attend the University of Cape Town. He majored in both history and economics and then moved on to a prolific career in the nonprofit industry. He helped these organizations most effectively manage their money while building low-income housing.

These projects helped a lot of people get out of the slums and into affordable housing. It was while he was living and working in South Africa that Ted Bauman developed his great philosophy of low-risk investing. He says that shooting for the moon as an investor will only pay off for the extraordinarily lucky and end in disaster for everyone else. For the rest of us following a careful, conservative strategy will lead to steady gains that set people up for comfortable retirements. He sees three ways that the next stock market bust will play out.

As most investors know that the current U.S. stock market is pretty overvalued. He says if it’s just a simple pullback to where stocks “should” be then we can all expect a drop of 35 percent. There’s another scenario at play where the short-term yield of bonds exceeds the intermediate-term of bonds. If this happens then the bond market expects little to nothing from stocks in the next ten years. If this plays out then Ted Bauman expects the stock market to drop by 25 percent. The last possibility is a big drop followed by a bounce. This is if there’s really nothing wrong fundamentally with the economy and it’s just one of those things. If this occurs then he thinks the stock market will collapse by about 18 percent.