Don Ressler Worked His Way to the Top

The world of tech startups is booming at the present time. One of the people to make it big in this industry is Don Ressler. His name carries quite a bit of weight with the investing community. This is because Don has repeatedly shown an ability to make a ton of cash for people who are smart enough to invest money into some of his business ventures at His track record in terms of the success of his startups is basically unmatched. What is most impressive about Ressler is that he did everything by himself without any help. This is not common at all.

Ressler first took a plunge into the startup world a few years ago. He did a lot of research and eventually came to the conclusion that there was not a lot of competition when it came to skincare products and cosmetics. He thought many of the leading sites in these industries were not providing their customers with much value for the money they were spending. Therefore, Don believed the customers of these sites would not remain loyal. They would most likely jump ship at the first sign of a better deal from a competing site on

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Don’s theory turned out to be right. He launched a site called Dermstore with sold both of these types of products. It was not long until the purchases started to pour in. Don Ressler had successfully tapped into the general public’s dissatisfaction with the way that skincare and cosmetics sites were treating their customers. Ressler was determined to hold onto all of his new customers by constantly giving them great deals on all of the most popular products they were looking for. This strategy paid off on It allowed him to launch other profitable sites like the online clothing retailer known as JustFab and its sister site Fabletics.

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  1. Being able to work up in the industry and collaborate with some of the key players has shown that Don Ressler have the command. I think that I can deal and with the fact that Kate Hudson puts in the work with other team players. Going on to the time will make the fact well known that teams are needed in most successful endeavors.

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