Jose Auriemo Neto – Building and Enhancing JHSF’s Market Image Globally

Jose Auriemo Neto is amongst the most successful executives in the real estate industry of Brazil. He presently leads the famous JHSF Development, one of the leading real estate development firms in Brazil. JHSF Development has developed hundreds of commercial and residential projects over the years, which is known for its high-quality and range of amenities it provides. Jose Auriemo Neto, the third generation of Auriemo family to head JHSF Development, has been able to carry forward the legacy of the company successfully through his strategic business initiatives and being able to maintain strict quality parameters in every project that the firm undertakes.

JHSF Development has developed numerous projects of national importance in the last four decades, including the commercial airport, residential complexes, hotels, shopping malls, partnered for infrastructure development with other real estate firms and government, and more. JHSF Development is also known for retail management, primarily because there are many shopping malls dotted around the country that is developed by JHSF Development. Apart from being the CEO and Chairman of JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto is also the President of one of the leading malls in Sao Paulo, Cidade Jardim. Jose Auriemo Netoi understands that with time, the requirements of the people have changed as well when it comes to the consumer market and products. It is why Jose persevered to make his malls different from other existing malls and roped in some of the biggest brands internationally, such as Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Hermes, and Pucci.

Jose Auriemo Neto has helped in increasing the turnover of JHSF Development by a high margin from the time he joined. It is because of his confident personality and his ability to forecast the market trend. One of the key business strategies that Jose Auriemo Neto is following currently is expanding the company’s reach overseas. He has been able to successfully invest in the foreign markets, such as in Punta del Este, New York, Salvador, and Miami. Jose believes that it would help in ensuring that the company can grow sustainably while making a stable investment base for the future, and will also assist in building JHSF’s market image internationally.


Brazilian Investment Genius Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a semi-retired Brazilian investor known for his stock market investments and was one of Brazil’s most prominent bankers due to his time as manager of one of the largest banks in Brazil where he turned a profit during the financial crisis. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

He is an investor in the stock market, commodity and foreign exchange investment organization Bainbridge Group. He is also an investment consultant helping people make smarter investment decisions to expand their portfolio, not just in the Brazilian market, but in the global marketplace.

Igor Cornelsen says his secret to being a successful stock market investor his the Brazilian market. The fifth largest economy is often overlooked as an investment opportunity. Even though he is semi-retired, he still researches and invests in his home market which has served him well over the years.

Cornelsen recommends scoping out a new market and getting to know the rules and restrictions of any market you are considering entering. These steps enable people to understand the market more intimately and ensure you are following the rules of the market, so you do not encounter any major incidents.

He believes that having a diversified portfolio with a focus on long-term investments will lead to the biggest success.

With investments spread out, you will minimize potential losses if one investment goes awry. Igor Cornelsen advises people not to invest in damaged companies as they are risky investment targets.

He currently lives in South Florida half the time where he spends his time away from investing and consulting playing golf, with the other half of his time spent in his home country of Brazil.

Spokesperson of Jackson Family Wines Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson was born in 1988 in the city of San Francisco, California to Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. Jess Jackson started his wine business over 30 years ago in 1982; his purpose was to establish a family oriented business with a focus on handmade wines that would be hard to measure up to. Julia has memories of her father making her, and her siblings pick and sort grapes in 100-degree weather, and put an emphasis on being thankful for the hard work it takes to succeed.

In the summer and after school, Julia worked at Jackson family wineries where she became friends with a French-speaking daughter of one the families that worked for her family. Her friendship encouraged a trip to Bordeaux, where she studied the French language, culture, and vineyards of France. Later, learning the French language helped her get a job teaching, while she was in college. Julia has a Certificate in General Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She also attended Scripps College, where she received a Bachelors of Arts in Studio Arts. Learn more about wines on The Drinks Business.

The Jackson Family Wines have several wine brands; one of Julia’s favorites is in Sonoma. She says that Sonoma is known for loving the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but she thinks that the Cabernet is the best wine. In 2010, Wine Enthusiast chose Cambria Estate Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir as Wine of the Year. Now Julia is the spokesperson for the Jackson Family Wines. And in 2014 Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a non-profit organization for women who had difficult struggles in life and still accomplished greatness was founded by Julia Jackson. The Organization also awards $100,000 in cash grants to other non-profits which focus on exceptional women.

What you need to know about Securus Technologies

Securus Technology is a technology company that is based in Dallas. It was pioneered in the year 1966 to steer up the benefits for the prisoners. Currently, the company has extended its wing and employed about 1,000 workers and have struck many contracts with the correctional facilities in the U.S. In the year 2016, Securus made a move of investing additional capital of $600 in the field of technologies, acquisitions, and patients.

Securus Company acquired a brand of the international leader in Offender Management System in the year 2007. The company then made a different move in controlling the contraband cell phones. The company has also partnered with Harris Corporation in 2006 and made a public announcement in its Wireless Containment Solutions which work to prevent the contraband cell phones out of the mobile network.

Securus work across the United States in serving several correctional facilities. This has boosted the mileage of the company in the provision of communication services and parolee tracking. It has been termed as the comprehensive and innovative company in solution providers across the globe. The primary push of Securus is to focus on matters of correctional needs and law enforcement in the community. The networking of the Securus has made it possible for the company to be at the vantage position over its competitors.

The new application that steers the world of technology from Securus has brought functionality that enables connectivity among many. Securus Mobile App creates a comprehensive experience with great features in manager the phone account that alerts one in a case of a call. The innovation by Securus Technologies presents useful functions that save time and money to many by visiting their incarcerated family and friends from their place of work.

Securus Technologies has set the connectivity of the imprisoned family and friends at a better position through their innovative platforms.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco The Incredible Corporate President

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is renowned for revolutionizing the Brazil’s financial industry. Currently, Trabuco is the president and CEO of Bradesco bank. Trabuco’s career began in 1969 as a clerk at Marilia agency after graduating from University of Sao Paulo with bachelors in philosophy, science, and letters. After two years he was promoted to Sao Paulo to work at the headquarters of Bradesco Insurance. Soon after, Trabuco was promoted to head the marketing department in the company.

Trabuco’s career changed in 1992 when he received a promotion to an executive director. Surprisingly, Trabuco was also the head of Bradesco’s private insurance. In 1999 he was appointed the executive vice president of the company. Finally, in 2003 he assumed all the managerial power when he was named the president of the insurance company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was able to make the following achievements while working at Bradesco insurance company. While working as the marketing director in the 1980s, he was able to transform the publicity of the insurance company by exposing it to the media. This was a bold move as previous directors had not managed to do so. As the president of Bradesco insurance, Trabuco increased the size of the insurance company thus causing a proportional increase in the market share controlled by the corporation. Bradesco Insurance became the largest insurer in Brazil with 25% of market share. In addition, the company was the leading insurer in Latin America.

In 2009, Trabuco left Bradesco insurance to take over as president in Bradesco bank after Marco Cipriano retired. During this time, the bank lost its superiority to Itau Unibanco. Trabuco implemented strategies that would help improve the performance of the bank such as facilitating Bradesco to acquire controlling interest in the Brazilian branch of HSBC for the US $ 5.2 billion. This was the largest acquisition in Brazil in 2015.

The acquisition has helped Bradesco to outperform Itau Unibanco as the bank has the biggest market share. Additionally, the bank’s number of branches, account holders, and total investment funds are higher compared to its rivals. Trabuco’s management has enabled the bank to increase on its assets, deposits, and loans accessed.

Trabuco has worked in Bradesco for over fifty years, starting in the insurance sector, and he is currently working in the banking industry. Through the years he has contributed to the growth of profits of Bradesco group holdings. He was renowned for his sound leadership when he was the chairman of the company’s insurance. In the present moment, he is fighting to restore the position of Bradesco bank largest private bank in Brazil. Itau Unibanco is currently the largest bank as its value of assets surpasses even Banco do Brazil.

Trabuco was the best choice for the Bradesco board, as loss of market leadership is a great blow group. Bradesco bank seeks to restore its glory through acquisitions of other medium-sized banks. The company recently acquired HSBC branch in Brazil for US $ 2.5 billion dollars. The acquisition was a good strategy for the company as it increases its market share as well as the value of assets. Bradesco bank is looking forward to making other acquisitions to strengthen its position.

According to Marcello Telles, Trabuco is distinct from other bankers. First, he did not graduate in administration, economics or accounting like other business executives instead; he graduated in philosophy. Moreover, he did socio-psychology in his postgraduate studies. He is a man of simple habits as he arrives around 7 o’clock in the bank and leaves at 6 o’clock unless during extended meetings. Finally, he is loves working for Bradesco. He proved this when declined President Dilma Rousseff’s offer to take over the Ministry of Finance.