Nick Vertucci Writes a Life Changing Book

From being the owner of a small computer business in his teen years to building a successful Real estate business, Nick Vertucci is the definition of hard work pays. His story, which narrates how his undefeated attitude took him to the top, is an inspiration to many young people born in humble backgrounds. His customer service-based approach is the biggest pillar for his success. Now the owner of NV Real Estate Company, Nick Vertucci has taken to writing with the aim of sharing the secrets to his success.

In his book, ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed’, Nick Vertucci gives his life history and explains the tools that helped him start and grow his real estate business. While using a bold language, he notes the importance of taking risks while running a business and how to foresee the challenges before they come. He also presents six ways of changing one’s mindset and pushing your mind to succeed despite the situations at hand.

The book also provides a guideline on coming up with and implementing plans that will lead to your success both in business and in life. Nick Vertucci also reveals the power of visualizing success before one sets out to work for it. He incorporates the importance of faith and how far belief in one’s projects or career path can create a great difference in their output.

During his mentorship programs, Nick Vertucci emphasizes the need to be prepared for any eventuality. Drawing from his personal experience, he advises young and upcoming entrepreneurs to start investing early enough and save the returns in case the business collapses or takes long to pick up. He pushes for self-belief and recommends an attitude of blocking those who do not believe in your dream or only offer negative criticism.

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