Guilherme Paulus Contributions in the Tourism Sector

Guilherme Paulus was among the founder members of CVC, which is a modern tour operator. The business started as a small travel organization in the year 1972. It transformed and became the largest tour operator organization in the Latin, America. CVC is the top tourism network in Brazil.

Paulus was born back in the year 1949 in Sao Paulo. He went to a business administration college. Guilherme Paulus has more than 50 years of working experience in the tourism sector. With his business partner, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, they founded CVC in the year 1972. Guilherme Paulus was dedicated and he worked hard to make sure that the organization would achieve its objectives in Brazil. His company has attained a lot of recognition worldwide as the most successful organization in the tourism sector. Find out more about Guilherme Paulus at

In the year 2009 Guilherme Paulus decided to seek the assistance of a worldwide investment fund that enabled his organization to succeed. His company was listed at the security stock market and it started to trade its shares as a public listed company. Currently, his company earns more than $ 5 billion annually and its profits are continuously increasing. CVC management has set strategies to open 100 stores each year.

As a traveler in Brazil, you will find CVC travel agencies based in more than 450 shopping malls. Guilherme Paulus is working hard to introduce his tourism organization to the whole of Latin America and he is also planning to open more travel agencies in less populated towns and cities. Paulus creates new niches in areas where an opportunity arises. With the introduction of the Omni Channel Concept, Paulus and his company are exploring opportunities where they can integrate online vendors with travel agencies as they struggle with their expansion plans.

As a wise entrepreneur, Paulus is determined to give back to the community. In this regard his company, CVC is actively involved in support of the PIET project which is based in Foz do Iguacu. This is a charitable institution that trains young people to become excellent leaders in the tourism sector. I addition, CVC supports the Alfasolsolidarity Literacy in the region.




Sheldon Lavin: How Blockchain Is A Good Investment

Bitcoin has been making headlines around the world, but Paul Mampilly doesn’t believe that it’s as good of an investment opportunity as many think. Many investors are getting anxious thinking that they are missing out on something big, so they’re making investment decisions without considering the big picture. There are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies on the market today, not just Bitcoin.

According to Paul Mampilly, while the cryptocurrency itself might not be a sound investment, part of the technology behind it may be a good investment opportunity. Blockchain technology has the potential to be used in many different types of transactions. Not only does blockchain add security, it is also a good identifier of ownership for items both in the digital and physical realm.

According to Paul Mampilly, the cryptocurrency crash is looking similar to the tech crash of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. A lot of the excitement behind Bitcoin is due to the media coverage of it. Unfortunately, this coverage doesn’t usually have all of the information needed to make financial decision. The more the news talked about Bitcoin, the more the price went up. It wasn’t based on the inherent value of the currency, it was more based around the excitement and trend.

Paul Mampilly has read many stories from people who made the wrong financial decision when it came to Bitcoin. Many who invested into Bitcoin at its height have lost thousands on their investment and aren’t sure if the price will ever recover. After reaching around $20,00 per Bitcoin, the price dropped by 70%.

By 2020, Paul Mampilly expects Blockchain to be integrated into many different applications. One of the applications that have people excited is the possibility of using it for voting. The data used cannot be altered before it is properly verified that the correct permissions are being used. Blockchain can provide record of ownership that spans back to when it was created.

While cryptocurrency may have led to disappointment for many, there’s still hope for the future. You might not be one of the ones to make it rich off Bitcoin, but not all is lost. Blockchain is technology of future that will be seen more and more.

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Are You Using The Y.E.S. System Yet?

There is something very affirming about the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) that is part of the core of products offered by Jeunesse Global. They try to make sure that everyone who wants to have the opportunity to try their products is able to do so. They also want to provide products that help people with as many of their health and aging issues as they possibly can. Thus, they are always adding to their product base. They are also careful to make sure that they are not one-dimensional at any point in time.

Jeunesse Global is the kind of global network that can be quite powerful in the work that they do. They have expanded extremely rapidly since they first opened their doors in 2009. They had just a dream and a mission at that point in time, but their brand has expanded rapidly since those days. These days, many rely on them for their health and beauty aids. It is not a shameful thing at all to admit that you gain something from using the products that this company puts out. As a matter of fact, it is a sign that you are making wise choices and working on your personal health.

A few of the products that this company offers include Nevo, Instantly Ageless, M1ND, and AM/PM Essentials. Each of these products touches on a different element of aging that a person may be going through. Instantly Ageless helps to cover up wrinkles temporarily, M1ND goes to work on the cognitive abilities of the user, Nevo is an energy drink, and AM/PM Essentials is all about helping people with their difficulties with either waking up or getting to sleep or both.

No matter what you are looking for from Jeunesse Global, you are bound to find it if you start to look hard enough. They have focused for so long now on helping people with their aging problems that they have gotten very good at it. Check in with them regularly to see what new additions they have added on to the classics that they have already put out there.

Architect Robert Ivy Earns Lifetime Achievement Award

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters is awarding the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award to Robert Ivy, executive vice president and CEO of The American Institute of Architects. The award is given to a living artist or art patron with connections to Mississippi, who has demonstrated an exemplary body of work in their lifetime of creating, performing, or supporting art. Ivy is the first architect to ever receive the award. He is considered a worthy recipient due to his role as a practicing architect, as well as writer, author, and commentator on architecture worldwide. MIAL President Nancy LaForge says, “When it comes to making architecture more accessible to the general public, there’s really no one else from Mississippi like Robert Ivy. Ivy now takes his rightful place in the list of Noel Polk Award honorees.” AIA President Carl Elefante adds, “Robert Ivy is an ambassador for our profession. This award comes as a personal and professional achievement for him as a native of Mississippi. Read more about Robert Ivy at Wikipedia.

This is not the first professional award for Ivy. He was previously honored by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi as a Master Architect. Ivy also received the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture.

Robert Ivy has made it a priority to communicate the value of design worldwide. Prior to joining the AIA in 2011, Ivy was editor-in-chief of McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record, which was disseminated worldwide and received numerous awards. Ivy also led the launch of a Mandarin version of Architectural Record. As CEO of AIA, Ivy has expanded its global reach. Seven global chapters of AIA, including new chapters in China and Canada, allow American architects to practice around the world.

Robert Ivy officially received the Lifetime Achievement Award on June 2, 2018, during a Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters event. He joined a small, distinguished list of Mississippians to ever receive the award, including writer Eudora Welty, actor Morgan Freeman, writer Shelby Foote, artist Walter Anderson, and singer Leontyne Price. Ivy must be proud to bring architect to that list.  Follow:


Felipe Montoro Jens at the IDB meeting

The Inter-American Development Bank Meeting (IDB) on March 24th was held in Mendoza Argentina this year. The IDB was attended by many top officials to discuss the efforts needed to help the economic situation in South American. Felipe Montoro Jens, the infrastructure specialist and reported attended the meeting. Luis Alberto Moreno, the president of the Inter-American Development Bank, Luis Caputo, who is currently the Minister of Finance and also the Chairman of the Board of Directors. In attendance was DyogoOliveria, the Minister of Planning, Development Management. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

The IDB meeting is an opportunity for top officials to discuss the current economic situation in the different South American economies and collaborate on what solutions are needed. This is a very important meeting because South America as a whole is dependent heavily on the economy of all the countries. During the many discussions at this year’s IDB meeting the Minister of Planning, Development Management, Dyogo shared with the attendees the need for a system in place that directly supports the private business community in their efforts of the successful implementation of pubic private partnerships. It should be noted, there has been over the last few years many successful PPP efforts throughout Brazil and South America. Despite this success, Mr. Oliveria said many projects have not been able to move forward due directly to the apprehension of the private partner investors.

Luis Caputo, the finance minister, and chairman pointed to the same issues as did Oliveria. Luis agreed, that there is a serious need for more investments to explore ways to create financial safety guarantees for private partners. Luis Caputo specifically discussed the upcoming industrial revolution and the dire need for more support to implement PPPs to prepare the country for it. Luis Alberto Moreno pointed to need for better transportation options between the different regions in South America. Visit their Website :


Jim Larkin, Michael Lacey, and Criminal Joe Arpaio

There is a lot of anger centered around a recent decision to pardon Joe Arpaio, simply because of the crimes that he has been able to get away with over the years. No one understands that anger more than Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, Village Voice owners and former editors for the Phoenix New Times.

As residents of Arizona, where Arpaio operated, they had first-hand seats to some of the most delicious things that he did. While he gained national attention as the nation’s toughest Sheriff for his tent cities, he was doing something more notorious in the background to the migrant population that resides in Arizona.

Arizona is a border state and has a large migrant population. Arpaio felt as though there were an inordinate amount of migrants in his area and used his position to frequently target individuals within his jurisdiction. He did so in a number of ways, most commonly he would pull over anyone that “looked” like they did not belong. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

This led to many American citizens being harassed and a class-action lawsuit. This class-action lawsuit mandated that Arpaio change his practices or serve jail time.

In order to secure this decision, he was also expected to report to a court supervisor and allow his department to be overseen. Both of these things he did not submit to and was eventually charged with contempt.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were also on the end of injustice when it comes to Arpaio. Paste did not like the journalists and would stop at nothing to make their lives harder. He felt as though the coverage he was receiving was negative, rightly so based on what he was doing, so he would not allow their reporters into press conferences or other important matters. Their work at the Phoenix New Times began to anger him and he used the publication of some information on a land dispute to arrest them.

This was a violation of their rights and they were quickly freed, winning more than $3.75 million in a lawsuit. They continue to push against Arpaio by using that money to establish a Frontera Fund. This fund is dedicated to advancing the motives of the migrant population in Arizona, a direct contradiction to the overall policies of Arpaio.

When it comes to Arpaio, he never served a day in jail. He used his very lucrative White House contacts to secure a presidential pardon instead of having to serve any time. Larkin and Lacey are disappointed by the decision, but they also understand that from his injustice comes a movement towards a better understanding of migrant human rights.

Anyone interested in learning more about this incident can find an article published on Writer Gemma Cottrell does an excellent job of providing some of the key points in the case and allows people to get a better understanding of some of the atrocities committed by Arpaio.

Larkin and Lacey will continue to build the contacts centered around their Frontera Fund, a gym that was born out of tragedy.

Rick Shinto- Innovative Leader of InnovaCare Health

After more than 20 years of clinical and operational Healthcare experience, Dr. Richard Shito became the current president and chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health Incorporated. Prior to taking over the healthcare company, he served from 2008 until it sold in 2012 as the president and chief executive officer of Avita Incorporated. In 2008 Shito was also serving as CEO of MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico. His many years of experience as both a doctor and executive management positions In the healthcare field prepared him to lead InnovaCare Health Incorporated with a superb amount of knowledge and skill. He is taking the healthcare company to new heights!

InnovaCare Health Inc. is led by Dr. Richard Shinto who became president and CEO in 1998 after he joined the North American Medical Management based in California. As a doctor, Doctor Shinto was able to recognize that operational expertise was a need that was going unmet within physician groups and patients in the present, ever-changing market. Along with the help of the North American Medical Management board, Dr. Shinto worked to provide more efficient quality healthcare in the United States and Puerto Rico.

in 2003 the North American Medical Management board and the executives at InnovaCare Health Inc. worked with philanthropist Daniel e Straus and began growing the company immensely over the next 8 years. Together they acquired better Health Care in Puerto Rico by revamping MMM Healthcare Inc. which Dr. Shinto was CEO of, and they expanded InnovaCare Health across the United States giving better health plans and managing efficient care opportunities within all physician Networks.

December of 2012 marked an important date for InnovaCare Health. Its leader, Dr. Robert Shito, along with the North American Medical Management board, sold select properties of the North American Medical Management and officially formed InnovaCare Health. They continue operating more efficient healthcare across the United States as well as expanding and creating better Healthcare in Puerto Rico with the help of Daniel E. Straus, and the growth and leadership of MMM Healthcare Inc. InnovaCare has continued to grow since officially being formed in 2012, and has even entered the Medicaid market and increase revenues by significant numbers. Their leadership, led by Dr.Robert Shinto, continues to help grow and provide better healthcare opportunities across the country.


Waiakea Decided to Help Others

Waiakea always knew their water was the best. It had to be good since so many people traveled from far away to get a taste of it. The company knew their water was good and they knew a lot of people wanted to drink it. Since they saw it as something people could really enjoy, they wanted others to have the same chance as they did. Waiakea knew others couldn’t buy the water the way they wanted and they knew not everyone could come to Hawaii to taste Waiakea. They decided the best approach was bottling the water so others could try it. Since they knew how to bottle at the source without ever touching the water or compromising anything, they felt it was the best opportunity they had to give people what they were used to drinking. It helped them show people what the water was like and they didn’t even have to come to Hawaii to try it.

Bottling changed things for Waiakea. They knew that they had to reach out and help people understand the importance of their water. Since they made it available to virtually everyone, they could do things other companies were unable to do and that’s how they made sure things would keep getting better for all the people they worked with. It was their goal of helping that allowed them the chance to see things would keep getting better and the bottling company made it possible for more people to try different things.

The opportunities Waiakea had to continue helping people with their water made it easier for them to try different things. They also made sure they were doing everything they could to keep giving back and keep providing positive experiences for everyone who wanted to try Waiakea. The company felt good about bottling and knew it was a great way to branch out. When more people had a chance to try Waiakea, they could get it from the company. They could see the positive experiences that came from using Waiakea and making sure they had everything the right way for the company to take advantage of.

The Fortress Investment Group Invests Globally

The Fortress Investment Group is a global competitor that operates hedge funds worldwide. Business analysts are recommending putting your money into the Fortress Investment Group at the end of 2017. This is because it became public that the Fortress Investment Group was respected and trusted by over 1500 of the most influential institutions in the world. In fact, these institutions trusted the Fortress Investment Group so much that they allowed the company to manage $43.6 billion. This makes them one of the most widely trusted hedge fund management groups in the world. The reason that the Fortress Investment Group has been so successful over the years is because they found out the five core competencies the hedge fund management group must have in order to succeed. The first core competency is knowing how to manage asset-based investments. With asset-based investments were looking for a direct return on your money. This occurs to arbitrage, interest rates, and rent. If you know what to look for, then you can make a lot of money in this area.

The Fortress Investment Group has a lot of their money in real estate due to their ability to successfully pricing and manage these different commercial buildings. The Fortress Investment Group also focuses on a second core competency which is the ability to manage different operations in complex settings. The Fortress Investment Group is able to utilize the specialist team to decide the proper way to proceed when investments go to the advanced areas. This is done by using calculus and algebra and different mathematical formulas to decide how much money a company can make sure they invest in certain areas. To keep themselves safe from the ups and downs of stock market, the Fortress Investment Group has put all of its eggs in four different baskets. They look at the areas of private equity firms and the hedge funds and permanent capital vehicles and credit private equity in order to keep them afloat.The third core competency for the Fortress Investment Group is the knowledge that their workforce possesses.Have over 1500 analysts who look at market trends and advise appropriately.

Each one has a PhD in their specific industry and go through rigorous continuing education in order to make sure they are on the cutting edge of any change. The fourth core competency for the Fortress Investment Group is their ability to be consultants with other corporations. Mostly they specialize in the area of mergers and acquisitions. They worked hand-in-hand with stockholders and managers and executives to plan the best way to maintain the current structure and profit margins while engaging in fewest layoffs possible.The fifth core competency for the Fortress Investment Group is the ability to work with you and small businesses. While large corporations can sustain larger risk smaller businesses cannot. Because of that, the Fortress Investment Group will only put their money in low risk and low cost investments that hold great promise for growing soon in the foreseeable future.

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The Astounding Story of Ronald Fowlkes

After Ronald Fowlkes graduated from Army Jump School, he was lucky enough to serve as a marine. Additionally, Ronald served in St. Louis Police Department. At Marine, he was introduced to First Spear and later served as a police officer. Ronald Fowlkes enjoyed all those work experiences because he considered them special. For more than 20 years, Ronald has gained a lot of knowledge in development and design.

In an interview by Inspirery, Ronald says that he developed a lot of interest in FirstSpear equipment that later turned into a business idea. Fowlkes says that his business gets a significant number of clients through fieldwork activities. Ronald also attends as many trade shows as possible to increase the market base for the business. Most of the company’s customers recommend them to other clients. Ronald’s business, First Spear, gets numerous contacts from corporations and governments. First Spear supports NATO and law enforcement. The company mostly focuses on providing quality products to ensure satisfaction of customers. This strategy works best for the business because most clients come back or recommend them to others. Even though First Spear has a showroom, word of mouth is its best source of new customers.

According to Ideamensch, Ronald states that his passion and interest in the military was notable since he was young. He always wanted to be a marine since childhood. To achieve his dreams, he made wrote several application letters to Marine Corps. Getting a position at Marine Corps was quite challenging because he could not serve before he attained a certain age. He was quite disappointed when his applications were accepted but informed that he needed to wait until he was older. After Ronald graduated from high school, he was lucky enough to join Corps. Since he frequently saw tools from FirstSpear, he became interested in them. Ronald discovered that First Spear designed high-quality equipment.

Ronald says that during the day, he likes to balance between personal and business activities. Since his company carries out business internationally, he spends a lot of time making calls with clients from other countries. The first thing that Ronald does when he gets to his office is responding to emails and other types of business-related messages. Ronald Fowlkes states that teamwork is one of the best ways he gets things done. Different departments in his company work jointly to develop new ideas. Making notes and recording things helps Ronald to stay productive at work. Fowlkes advises young entrepreneurs to surround themselves with good people.

In addition to running his company, Ronald is also a hockey fan. One of his hobbies is coaching a youth league. In his blog, he loves talking about his experiences while playing hockey. In one of his posts, he discusses fighting while playing hockey.