Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Explains The Biggest ER Issue

Throughout his life, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has had a passion for treating others. During 2009-2012, Forsthoefel attended medical courses offered by the University of Louisville. It was in 2012 when he was able to complete his residency at Louisiana State University. After completing his residency, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel became certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine in the area of emergency medicine. In addition, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel holds state medical licenses in both Florida and Louisiana. For the past six years, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has had first-hand experience treating patients in an emergency room environment.

Considering Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s extensive experience working in emergency rooms, he knows what problems these facilities face. This problem is patients visiting emergency rooms for conditions that could be better treated elsewhere. Statistics show that nearly 33% of people throughout the United States immediately visit an emergency room when they need medical treatment. Unfortunately, many of these visits are for non-emergency conditions that could be treated at an urgent care facility.

This problem is prevalent throughout the state of Florida, where Dr. Eric Forsthoefel currently works. He was recently asked about his opinion regarding this growing concern. Dr. Forsthoefel notes that his goal is to provide “paramount care for every patient.” He would go on to say that providing this type of care for non-emergency situations makes it difficult to manage “critically emergent medical crises.” Dr. Forsthoefel sums up this problem by noting that treating non-emergency conditions makes emergency rooms “less efficient and less effective”.

Interestingly, a study was conducted by George Washington University to help figure out what’s causing this issue. In summary, higher-income families mainly visited the ER for non-emergency conditions because they didn’t want to wait for their primary physician’s office to open. Lower-income families primarily made these visits because they didn’t have access to a primary physician.

Both medical and insurance companies are working hard to try and fix this problem. It’s been argued whether or not to make emergency rooms charge a deductible. However, this could mean that people from lower-income households are unable to receive care for actual emergencies. While many think that lower-income households are more likely to be the culprit behind this growing problem, it isn’t true. In fact, statistics show that higher-income households are more likely to visit the emergency room for non-emergency issues. These same statistics found that lower-income households are actually more likely to avoid ER visits. This is because uninsured individuals typically want to avoid emergency room bills, if at all possible.

However, medical professionals and data experts are beginning to learn the main cause of these non-emergency visits. Looking through extensive data, many medical experts feel the main culprit behind non-emergency ER visits stems from people being unable to see their primary physician. This has led to many ER workers calling for primary physicians to consider extending their hours. In turn, many people would be able to seek care from their physician while reducing the occupants in an ER waiting room.


Are You Using The Y.E.S. System Yet?

There is something very affirming about the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) that is part of the core of products offered by Jeunesse Global. They try to make sure that everyone who wants to have the opportunity to try their products is able to do so. They also want to provide products that help people with as many of their health and aging issues as they possibly can. Thus, they are always adding to their product base. They are also careful to make sure that they are not one-dimensional at any point in time.

Jeunesse Global is the kind of global network that can be quite powerful in the work that they do. They have expanded extremely rapidly since they first opened their doors in 2009. They had just a dream and a mission at that point in time, but their brand has expanded rapidly since those days. These days, many rely on them for their health and beauty aids. It is not a shameful thing at all to admit that you gain something from using the products that this company puts out. As a matter of fact, it is a sign that you are making wise choices and working on your personal health.

A few of the products that this company offers include Nevo, Instantly Ageless, M1ND, and AM/PM Essentials. Each of these products touches on a different element of aging that a person may be going through. Instantly Ageless helps to cover up wrinkles temporarily, M1ND goes to work on the cognitive abilities of the user, Nevo is an energy drink, and AM/PM Essentials is all about helping people with their difficulties with either waking up or getting to sleep or both.

No matter what you are looking for from Jeunesse Global, you are bound to find it if you start to look hard enough. They have focused for so long now on helping people with their aging problems that they have gotten very good at it. Check in with them regularly to see what new additions they have added on to the classics that they have already put out there.


Heal And Soothe Helps Chronic Pain Sufferers Find Natural Relief

Chronic pain can make every single day feel like a struggle. Sometimes, traditional medicine just doesn’t work like you’d hope. In some cases, these medications can cause more harm than good and leave the patient worse off than they were before they took it.

Fortunately, there are is a natural option known as Heal-And-Soothe that has been helping patients in chronic pain live their lives.


Inflammation is the cause of many different types of pain that is related to a variety of different conditions. In fibromyalgia, the pain is caused by inflammation inside of the body. The same goes for arthritis and a lot of conditions that cause back pain. When your body is injured, it works hard to fight off any foreign material and also seal off the area, so it can’t be injured any further. Unfortunately, this process does not stop when it should and come people and the inflammation process causes chronic pain such as in arthritis. By taking Heal-And-Soothe every day, you could see the inflammation and subsequently pain in your body greatly reduced. Visit This Page for related information.


Heal-And-Sooth is an all-natural option that is derived from herbs, trees, and fruits and can be a strong tool in the battle against pain. With so many problems that people are running into with different forms of pain management, it’s a great option for patients who want to avoid the dangerous effects of prescription pain medicine or for people in which traditional pain management just isn’t working.


Heal-And -Soothe takes some of the strongest pain relievers found in nature and puts them together in one product that is giving many people the relief from pain and inflammation that they were looking for. In fact, some of the ingredients of Heal-And -Soothe can be found in the food that we eat every day. The concentration of these natural ingredients are much higher in Heal-And -Soothe and can be much more beneficial for pain relief in this form. Systemic Enzyme Therapy isn’t a new concept and has been used in many countries around the world for the last few decades. The enzymes in Heal-And -Soothe could be what your body needs to fight the pain. These wonderful proteolytic enzymes are what made Heal And Soothe Changed the Supplement Industry.


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