What you need to know about Securus Technologies

Securus Technology is a technology company that is based in Dallas. It was pioneered in the year 1966 to steer up the benefits for the prisoners. Currently, the company has extended its wing and employed about 1,000 workers and have struck many contracts with the correctional facilities in the U.S. In the year 2016, Securus made a move of investing additional capital of $600 in the field of technologies, acquisitions, and patients.

Securus Company acquired a brand of the international leader in Offender Management System in the year 2007. The company then made a different move in controlling the contraband cell phones. The company has also partnered with Harris Corporation in 2006 and made a public announcement in its Wireless Containment Solutions which work to prevent the contraband cell phones out of the mobile network.

Securus work across the United States in serving several correctional facilities. This has boosted the mileage of the company in the provision of communication services and parolee tracking. It has been termed as the comprehensive and innovative company in solution providers across the globe. The primary push of Securus is to focus on matters of correctional needs and law enforcement in the community. The networking of the Securus has made it possible for the company to be at the vantage position over its competitors.

The new application that steers the world of technology from Securus has brought functionality that enables connectivity among many. Securus Mobile App creates a comprehensive experience with great features in manager the phone account that alerts one in a case of a call. The innovation by Securus Technologies presents useful functions that save time and money to many by visiting their incarcerated family and friends from their place of work.

Securus Technologies has set the connectivity of the imprisoned family and friends at a better position through their innovative platforms.