What Can You Expect From Fortress Investment Group after Its Acquisition by Softbank

Fortress Investment Group is a highly reputable alternative investment company based in New York. The firm was established in 1998, with the sole aim of helping investors diversify their portfolios by linking them to a larger pool of highly profitable investment opportunities locally and international. The founder would go one to establish one of the most diversified funds with numerous investment vehicles. Visit https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/FIG:US-fortress-investment-group-llc

Driving excellence through experience

Prior to establishing the firm, the investment firm’s founders were deeply involved in the banking and finance fields. Coming from different investment backgrounds they all had the much-needed experience to run various arms of the fortress investment group. Their experience doesn’t just manifest in the fact they were able to turn the firm into the largest investment company but in how they handled the 2008 financial crisis.

Today,Fortress has over $40 billion in assets under management and has clients spread out all across the world. Most of the group’s investments are spread across asset-based investing, capital markets, operations management, corporate mergers and acquisitions and sector-specific firms and corporate institutions.

Factors influencing fortress investment group’s sustainability

The firm’s management is consistently coming up with strategies to fuel their growth. For instance, after the near collapse of the mortgages and distressed debt markets during the last economic recession, fortress investment group sought to shift attention from these markets. They have recently perched on public transport when the investor launched the first privately owned and operated railway line in the country, Brightline that connects Miami and Orlando cities in Florida. The company is also evaluating investments in the technology sector.

Acquisition by Softbank

After close to two decades of consistent success, fortress recently changed ownership after its acquisition by Japan’s Softbank. Softbank is a technology investment firm that is on the verge of diversifying its investment base. The acquisition would see the company delist from the stock market and revert to being a private company.

However, Softbank retained the current management team comprised of Fortress principal founders. Despite its owners maintained their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan Fortress investment group will maintain its offices in New York with n disruption to its investor list or investment strategies.

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Local Homeless Children get really Big Boost from Stream Cares…

Stream Energy is the kind of company that was considering philanthropic efforts before they even made the first sale. Using a system of charitable giving that utilizes a dedicated company branch that works in accordance with local chapters of the American Red Cross, Hope Supply Co., and Habitat for humanity, they serve locals who happen to be in need. Stream Cares is out there doing what they can.

If Stream Energy’s direct sellers donate tens of thousands of dollars to North Texas tornado victims? Stream Energy’s Stream Cares branch will match their donations! One thing, in particular, stands out when reading the patch article discussing their efforts; what they did when they found out that the homeless population of Dallas was growing.

Stream Cares teamed up with Hope Supply Co. Hope Supply Co. is a charitable entity that donates items that homeless families would clearly require for their children. School supplies, clothes, baby diapers, and other baby items. These are all examples of the types of items that Hope Supply Co. delivered to Dallas through the assistance of Stream Energy. Money and items are never enough for Stream Cares. This is especially true when it involves children.

Stream Cares and the Hope Supply Co. took a massive group of homeless Dallas area children to a water park for the very first time. Direct sellers, members of the corporate staff, and members of Hope Supply Co. all assisted with supervising the children as they had the time of their young lives for a change. The goal that Stream Energy has with Stream Cares is to create experiences that children will not soon forget after they are over. The waterpark trip is a perfect example of this sort of motif in action. Hawaiian Falls Day was the name of the event.

One important thing to note about Stream Cares is that the corporate office allows them to match the donations that the independent direct selling community has already raised for a cause. The system allows direct sellers to know that they are truly raising double the amount of money for a cause than what it appears. This level of optimism can go a long way in charity.


Shervin Pishevar Issues A Stock Market Warning

A tweet storm indicates someone has something important to say. Few would unleash a series of tweets without feeling an essential reason for doing so. Shervin Pishevar, the tech entrepreneur, choose to launch into a tweet storm on a multitude of different topics. His tweets covered several different issues. One theme centered on a possible stock market crash.

Shervin Pishevar also covered matters related to Bitcoin, the tech industry, and more. Of all the topics, many may feel more worried about his predictions related to the stock market. Pishevar feels the market could experience a 6,000-point decline. Such an amount could prove devastating to people’s portfolios and the overall economy. Pishevar doesn’t want to see people suffer. While he can’t make sound financial decisions on other people’s part, he can present a potentially helpful opinion. Shervin Pishevar also introduced his logic and rationale behind his opinion. Those who read the tweets can then make their determinations.

The opinions expressed by Shervin Pishevar may carry more weight than the average pundit. Pishevar long established his knowledge and success in the tech world. As a famous entrepreneur, he knows a lot about earning money and maintaining wealth.

The opinions expressed by Shervin Pishevar may or may not come to pass. However, the views are worth reviewing. In 2008, the legendary market crash causing “The Great Recession” inflicted enormous damage on the global market. The average person suffered immensely due to the loss of market value. While the current stock market landscape appears grandiose, things can change. The recent past reflects an indication of this. Anyone who bounced back from the previous market disaster likely fears experiencing the same catastrophe again. Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent a market crash from ever occurring. Crashes happen when certain economic factors meet.

The best way to be prepared involved remaining aware and educated. Shervin Pishevar launched a tweet storm to raise awareness. Hopefully, some will follow his lead and increase their awareness of the situation. Elites might not think a tweet storm is a proper way to send out information. Anyone who truly benefits from the info is likely to disagree.


Matt Badiali’s Take on Marijuana Investment

Are you looking to invest in the marijuana industry? If you are, then Matt Badiali’s investment guide would help you make up your mind. Mr. Badiali has 20 years of experience in the investment industry. As stated by Mr. Badiali, a chief resource investment expert with a PhD in geology and earth sciences, investing in marijuana could be the best venture in 2018 and subsequent years. An investigation steered by CIBC markets shows that Canada’s marijuana market is likely to overhaul giant companies like whiskey and scotch. Despite the fact, Mr. Badiali says that the venture has numerous risks that you would want to take into account before you resolve to invest.

Why Would You Invest in Marijuana?

The marijuana industry is not yet crowded with investors. This implies that those who invest promptly are likely to breed more gain than those who will invest after the trade is saturated. Some investors who had an interest in gold mining have already turned their attention to cannabis farming. One such company is Newstrike Resources, a gold mining company. The company’s financial reports indicate that the company’s stocks grew from $0.05 to $3 after the transition.

What are The Likely Risks of investing in Cannabis?

While marijuana seems like the next big investment opportunity, Matt Badiali says that it has risks that you need to consider before investing. First, there is a likely competition from tobacco and alcohol companies, as well as the black market. Such a competition would decline marijuana’s market prices. Another significant threat is the lack of unanimous regulations that govern the trade across different states.

Matt Badiali’s Final Thoughts

Matt Badiali says that the best time to reap from the marijuana industry is now. Mr. Badiali says that savvy entrepreneurs should invest before Canada legalizes the use of marijuana. Reliable reports reveal that the Canadian government will legalize the substance by October 2018. Besides the early investment, Matt Badiali says that investors should take their ample time to learn the basics of the industry before they invest. The relevant knowledge will help them make wise investment decisions.

Sheldon Lavin: How Blockchain Is A Good Investment

Bitcoin has been making headlines around the world, but Paul Mampilly doesn’t believe that it’s as good of an investment opportunity as many think. Many investors are getting anxious thinking that they are missing out on something big, so they’re making investment decisions without considering the big picture. There are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies on the market today, not just Bitcoin.

According to Paul Mampilly, while the cryptocurrency itself might not be a sound investment, part of the technology behind it may be a good investment opportunity. Blockchain technology has the potential to be used in many different types of transactions. Not only does blockchain add security, it is also a good identifier of ownership for items both in the digital and physical realm.

According to Paul Mampilly, the cryptocurrency crash is looking similar to the tech crash of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. A lot of the excitement behind Bitcoin is due to the media coverage of it. Unfortunately, this coverage doesn’t usually have all of the information needed to make financial decision. The more the news talked about Bitcoin, the more the price went up. It wasn’t based on the inherent value of the currency, it was more based around the excitement and trend.

Paul Mampilly has read many stories from people who made the wrong financial decision when it came to Bitcoin. Many who invested into Bitcoin at its height have lost thousands on their investment and aren’t sure if the price will ever recover. After reaching around $20,00 per Bitcoin, the price dropped by 70%.

By 2020, Paul Mampilly expects Blockchain to be integrated into many different applications. One of the applications that have people excited is the possibility of using it for voting. The data used cannot be altered before it is properly verified that the correct permissions are being used. Blockchain can provide record of ownership that spans back to when it was created.

While cryptocurrency may have led to disappointment for many, there’s still hope for the future. You might not be one of the ones to make it rich off Bitcoin, but not all is lost. Blockchain is technology of future that will be seen more and more.

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Louis Chenevert achieves success due to discipline and dedication

Louis Chenevert is a businessman who has led years of successful entrepreneurship. He attained a degree in production management and obtained it from Montreal University. From the time Louis Chenevert started his career, Louis has always been working hard to improve his leadership skills. Since he is always dedicated, he has always been promoted in the companies he worked for in the past. The height of his career came when he was appointed to serve as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. His experience in the business world is unmatched having spent more than ten years working at General Motors. He successfully worked for Pratt and Whitney, which is based in Canada. The many years of experience in the business world has helped him to learn a lot of tricks that he uses to run successful businesses.

When he was promoted to be a CEO of UTC, he contributed a lot in setting the foundation for the success of the company. He is the one who has enabled the company to dominate the market. He used the knowledge and experience he has to nurture the talents of employees. He changed the face of the company because he knew the only way he could help the company to achieve its goals is through the employees. That is why he also decided to invest a lot in his employees instead of focusing on the profits of the company only. With his right leadership, the company came up with a program that would help the employees to expand their knowledge. That laid the foundation for the company to have knowledgeable and talented individuals to propel it to achieve success. The program has helped many employees to attain degrees.

When it comes to starting projects, Louis Chenevert is always focused on thinking forward. That is why the company has managed to invest in projects that are likely to boost the performance of the company. He focused on this goal when he attained the top job in the company. He has spearheaded the acquisition of many companies which have helped to boost the performance of the company.

Are You Using The Y.E.S. System Yet?

There is something very affirming about the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) that is part of the core of products offered by Jeunesse Global. They try to make sure that everyone who wants to have the opportunity to try their products is able to do so. They also want to provide products that help people with as many of their health and aging issues as they possibly can. Thus, they are always adding to their product base. They are also careful to make sure that they are not one-dimensional at any point in time.

Jeunesse Global is the kind of global network that can be quite powerful in the work that they do. They have expanded extremely rapidly since they first opened their doors in 2009. They had just a dream and a mission at that point in time, but their brand has expanded rapidly since those days. These days, many rely on them for their health and beauty aids. It is not a shameful thing at all to admit that you gain something from using the products that this company puts out. As a matter of fact, it is a sign that you are making wise choices and working on your personal health.

A few of the products that this company offers include Nevo, Instantly Ageless, M1ND, and AM/PM Essentials. Each of these products touches on a different element of aging that a person may be going through. Instantly Ageless helps to cover up wrinkles temporarily, M1ND goes to work on the cognitive abilities of the user, Nevo is an energy drink, and AM/PM Essentials is all about helping people with their difficulties with either waking up or getting to sleep or both.

No matter what you are looking for from Jeunesse Global, you are bound to find it if you start to look hard enough. They have focused for so long now on helping people with their aging problems that they have gotten very good at it. Check in with them regularly to see what new additions they have added on to the classics that they have already put out there.


Ted Bauman Talks About Possible Stock Market Crashes And How To Protect Your Finances

Ted Bauman has had over 20 years of financial experience.He joined Banyan Hills Publishing in 2013 and as the editor for three publications, The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. These publications specialize in low-risk investment strategies, asset protection, privacy, and international migration issues. Ted Bauman graduated from Cape Town University with a post-graduate degree in Economics and History. Before working for Banyan Hills Publishing, he worked in South Africa primarily as a fund manager on low-cost housing projects.

Possible Stock Market Crashes

Ted Bauman uses the CAPE ratio to look at the value of the stock market. The CAPE ratio compares a corporation’s earnings to stock prices over ten year period. The current CAPE is currently double the historical high. If the CAPE went back to the normal 17 investors might bail to find profits elsewhere. The investors might also decide that alternative assets look like a more appealing option.

If there is a recession, it could cause the S&P 500 to drop at least 25 percent. It is because of low long-term bond investment rates. There could also be a rise in stocks followed by a drop like there was in 1987. Stocks were back up by ten percent at the end of the year. For this to happen again, the S&P 500 would have to drop 18 percent.

How to Protect Investments

Ted Bauman believes in building a strong defensive strategy planning investments. Instead of trying to get rich quick it is more profitable to be patient and wait for good investments to turn a profit. It is also important to invest in both stocks and bonds. Bonds are not as likely to suffer huge drops overnight making them a safe investment. Bonds will help protect the portfolio when the stock market crashes. Stocks can boost that portfolio when stocks are high.

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Felipe Montoro Jens at the IDB meeting

The Inter-American Development Bank Meeting (IDB) on March 24th was held in Mendoza Argentina this year. The IDB was attended by many top officials to discuss the efforts needed to help the economic situation in South American. Felipe Montoro Jens, the infrastructure specialist and reported attended the meeting. Luis Alberto Moreno, the president of the Inter-American Development Bank, Luis Caputo, who is currently the Minister of Finance and also the Chairman of the Board of Directors. In attendance was DyogoOliveria, the Minister of Planning, Development Management. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at terra.com

The IDB meeting is an opportunity for top officials to discuss the current economic situation in the different South American economies and collaborate on what solutions are needed. This is a very important meeting because South America as a whole is dependent heavily on the economy of all the countries. During the many discussions at this year’s IDB meeting the Minister of Planning, Development Management, Dyogo shared with the attendees the need for a system in place that directly supports the private business community in their efforts of the successful implementation of pubic private partnerships. It should be noted, there has been over the last few years many successful PPP efforts throughout Brazil and South America. Despite this success, Mr. Oliveria said many projects have not been able to move forward due directly to the apprehension of the private partner investors.

Luis Caputo, the finance minister, and chairman pointed to the same issues as did Oliveria. Luis agreed, that there is a serious need for more investments to explore ways to create financial safety guarantees for private partners. Luis Caputo specifically discussed the upcoming industrial revolution and the dire need for more support to implement PPPs to prepare the country for it. Luis Alberto Moreno pointed to need for better transportation options between the different regions in South America. Visit their Website :http://www.felipemontorojens.com.br/


Investing In Precious Metals

The 2017 homecoming coin series by Spider-Man brings back to life one of the famous character in its entire glory through three outstanding coins discovered from .999 pure silver or .9999 pure gold: 1 oz. Gold Black, 1 oz. Silver Black and 1 Kilo Silver.

Described using the elite label from PCGS, every coin is endorsed within the existing highest grades, and they also come in a lovely collector’s box featuring the vibrant artwork of Spider-Man alongside retro-inspired Certificate of Authenticity with an individual number.

Stan Lee, the Spider-Man co-founder, and Marvel Comics personality has authentically signed a fixed number of high-class PCGS trademarks for the 1 oz. Gold Coin. The global leader in the certification of third-party coins, PCGS worked with Stan Lee very closely during this collection.

The president of Collectors Universe and co-founder of PCGS, David Hall said that it was an honor for his team to work with Stan Lee, a legend.

His autograph enhances every gold coin the more, making the leading series more exciting. The Spider-Man’s Homecoming coin series displays remarkably high reliefs on the field of a black proof coin with a complex outline of Spider-Man climbing a wall textured with bricks. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

The two silver coins were created using smart-minting technology, an invention designed by Coin Invest Trust, making it viable to hit an extremely-high relief for a standard sized coin. Moreover, enhanced digital printing technology was utilized to put in color onto the smart-minting relief.

Earlier, flat fields alone would feature the application of color. This comprehensive process ensues in a colored Spider-Man soaring off the excellent silver finish of the coin. The CEO of Coin Invest Trust, Heimo Steriti says that revolutionary technology and an innovative popular culture icon are impeccable ingredients to develop the numismatic masterpiece.

Established in 2001, the U.S. Reserve is among the country’s most prominent private suppliers of United States government-published gold, silver as well as platinum products. Based in Austin, TX, thousands of customers throughout the nation depend on the company to expand their assets using physical, valuable metals in the form of silver and gold coins from the U.S.

The uniquely trained team of the company is made up of numismatic and coin research professionals well equipped with the market know how to locate products for valuable metals customers at each level. The company goes beyond the standards of the field to offer excellent customer service to create long-term relationships with all its customers.

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