Daniel Taub: A Voice Of Reason

Have you ever felt like you were on outside looking in? A place where you don’t feel accepted or appreciated. Race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, etc, have a huge influence on the judgment of some people.

Racism is not looked at closely until it hits home until it is felt by you or your constituents. Israel is feeling the heat from a city in Britain. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://twitter.com/danieltaub5

A member of their government, George Galloway, has declared the city of Bradford an Israel free zone. He said he doesn’t want anything to do with them. No trade, not services, no products. He doesn’t even want the Israeli people to even live in the city.

Not only does Galloway feel that he doesn’t want anything to do with Israel, he has also concocted many conspiracy theories that Israel has tried to put Britain under fire.

Daniel Taub was the British ambassador to Israel. He feels that this exclusion is not warranted and that The city should practice inclusion. He feels it is good to know other’s cultures and backgrounds. Knowledge is the key.

You can imagine the divide between Galloway and Taub being that Taub is From Israel and Galloway is 100% anti-Israel. But Taub is trying to be the voice of reason.

Daniel Taub is trying to get across that the people of Israel should have a voice just like any other race or creed. He wants college students to be able to speak up about racism in schools and not take heat for it. They should be able to have a rally or a conversation without reaping consequences.

He also feels that if Galloway and Israel could come to terms with each other, it would open the doors to more trade, more diversity, and more culture. It is always a good thing to be more knowledgeable.

Daniel Taub also says that he doesn’t feel that George Galloway speaks for Bradford. He feels as though its citizens are more open-minded and have a better tolerance of difference. He says, “I don’t really feel like George Galloway is the real voice of Bradford, there is a long history of cooperation between Britain and Israel”.