American Institute of Architects Initiates Developmental Projects In the Society

Architects have always held the world together in terms of building and design. The responsibilities of an architect cannot be compared to any other than making sure that people are safe and satisfied with the commercial and residential buildings they have invested in. an architect defines the standards of safety that a building can reach. Like other careers have unions, architects need a support system to allow them to thrive in the career. That is why AIA was formed. The institution has been here since 1974. The main office is in Washington D.C. Headed by a board of directors, this institution has been registering high performance in terms of handling projects in the society.


AIA is defined as a professional organization offering various services. Some of these services include public outreach, education and training, community building projects, advocacy through government, professional support and public image services to improve the perception with which an individual is viewed. AIA has also capitalized on working with individuals who originate from strong platforms in guiding societies through ensuring safety in design creation. AIA is always committed to offering some of the best resources an architect needs to learn the ropes of offering better services.

Profile Of Experience

Closely working with more than two members, AIA has established a reliable team that can be trusted with decision making for better policy making. Robert Ivy is part of this team and he has exuded confidence in handling the projects proposed by the institution. Robert is a registered member of the board. He is also a licensed architect that works closely with most project developers. Ivy is linked to the development of many policies that have been initiated to fight for the development of projects that will save the society.


In times of trouble, Robert Ivy has reached out to the society through AIA. He has initiated the onset of helpful projects to save the world. Ivy has unmatched experience. That is why he was trusted with the leadership position. He commits to mentoring young architects into becoming the person he is right now. At AIA he is in charge of critical decision making. He has developed different, reliable and useful platforms that architects can utilize to become better versions. Ivy has basic knowledge in the project management and development of most initiatives. He has always championed progress by fighting for proper governance and institutionalization. Read more: