Saturate Your Lips With A Unique Moisture Blend That Will Have Your Lips Looking And Feeling Good

Shea butter provides a unique blend of organic protection for your lips that is chosen ten to one over their competitors. In fact, EOS lip balm products are chosen over Chapstick products becaue of their hypoallergenic contents. They’re infused with a rich shea butter content that provides all natural products and a rich blend of moisture every time. You have the option of nourishing your lips with a one of a kind blend that is a favorite among industry celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Transform your dull dry lips with a proven beauty care secret trusted by thousands of women around the world.

Take Control Over Dull Dry Lips With Evolution Of Smooth

Transform your lips with a leading EOS lip balm beauty care product including Evolution of Smooth. Surprisingly, they provide a unique blend of all natural ingredients with a shea butter base. Customers also have the option of having rich contents that include vitamin C and E along with eleven essential amino acids. Nourish your lips with long lasting protection that won’t require multiple applications throughout the day. You’ll never want to go back to your former lip care regimen with you experience the benefits of Evolution of Smooth.

Delectable Flavors

– Mint Kisser

– Lemon Drop

– Almond Milk

– Original EOS

– Wildberry

– Sorbet

and more….

Their individually packaged pastel containers are a favorite among their users. You can easily identity their products from the others. The products are available on Target, Walmart and many other retailĀ  stores.Are you interested in promotional offers and free shipping with EOS lip balm products? Visit the Evolution of Smooth website( for more details.