Waiakea Decided to Help Others

Waiakea always knew their water was the best. It had to be good since so many people traveled from far away to get a taste of it. The company knew their water was good and they knew a lot of people wanted to drink it. Since they saw it as something people could really enjoy, they wanted others to have the same chance as they did. Waiakea knew others couldn’t buy the water the way they wanted and they knew not everyone could come to Hawaii to taste Waiakea. They decided the best approach was bottling the water so others could try it. Since they knew how to bottle at the source without ever touching the water or compromising anything, they felt it was the best opportunity they had to give people what they were used to drinking. It helped them show people what the water was like and they didn’t even have to come to Hawaii to try it.

Bottling changed things for Waiakea. They knew that they had to reach out and help people understand the importance of their water. Since they made it available to virtually everyone, they could do things other companies were unable to do and that’s how they made sure things would keep getting better for all the people they worked with. It was their goal of helping that allowed them the chance to see things would keep getting better and the bottling company made it possible for more people to try different things.

The opportunities Waiakea had to continue helping people with their water made it easier for them to try different things. They also made sure they were doing everything they could to keep giving back and keep providing positive experiences for everyone who wanted to try Waiakea. The company felt good about bottling and knew it was a great way to branch out. When more people had a chance to try Waiakea, they could get it from the company. They could see the positive experiences that came from using Waiakea and making sure they had everything the right way for the company to take advantage of.


Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Life, Leadership And Succession At Bradesco

Not so many people would have the opportunity to virtually identify with one particular company or institution throughout their career-it’s just very rare. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one iconic figure to have attained such an accomplishment-working at Bradesco almost the entire time of his employment age.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Bio
Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a graduate from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, Languages, and Arts, and a post-graduate degree holder in Social Philosophy from the School of Sociology and Politics, University of Sao Paulo.

Joining Bradesco
He joined Bradesco S.A. on 17th April 1969 and became a Departmental Director in 1984 before steadily rising to the rank of Chief Executive Officer since 10th March 2009. Prior to his ascension to the helm, he served as the Executive Vice-President. Elsewhere, he formerly held positions with many companies such as the president of Grupo Segurador.

Besides, he served as the President of the National Association for Private Pension Plans (ANAPP) between August 1994 and August 2000, and a board member of the Brazilian Association for Listed Companies (ABRASCA) between July 2000 and February 2003.

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Succession, an Inevitability
Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s exit from Bradesco’s administration was delayed, in September 2016, following an extension of the maximum age for a CEO’sposition from 65 to 67 years according to istoedinheiro.com.br. Such was a dynamic response to what would have been a hefty undertaking for the bank after the then vice president, and the man to set to succeed Trabuco-Marco Antonio-succumbed to death in a plane crash.

The Leadership Process
Without a doubt, there were high stakes before the grand announcement could be made. Moreover, there was an array of men lined up to take over from Trabuco. On 5th February 2018, the bank officially announced Octavio de Lazari Junior, 54, as its new president. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was set to remain in the Council’s Presidency, and in his executive position till an ordinary general meeting would be held in March.

The Future of Banco Bradesco
Lazari, flanked by his predecessors-Lazaro Brandao and Luiz Carlos Trabuco-during in his inaugural speech, outlined his very first challenge was to offer continuity, as well as renewing the legacy of the two. Trabuco confessed it took months to settle on a new president, with Lazari’s merits giving him the cutting edge.

Trabuco’s was a service well rendered while at Bradesco, and peacefully relinquishing the coveted seat when it was time to egress.

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Clay Siegall: Scientist, Doctor & Futurist

Does the name Clay Siegall sound familiar to you? Have you ever heard of a person with this particular name? The Clay Siegall of this article may be one of the most important persons in cancer research. Why? Clay Siegall, M.D., has helped to revolutionize cancer research via drug development, scientific innovation and rigorous research. He has instilled these key features right into the business and great results have come forth ever since. He also has a heart of gold thanks to his philanthropic nature. The fight against cancer has been waging for decades and decades, but things have gotten much better.

Dr. Siegall is the CEO, the founder and the president for one of the nation’s premier oncology organization. This organization is Seattle Genetics, and it has become a worldwide leader in cancer research. Dr. Siegall, and his team of specialists use some of the most innovative technologies to study this deadly disease. As of now, the organization has up to 20 advanced drugs in its pipeline of success. Four of the twenty drugs could potentially be released within the next few years. Dr. Siegall uses his supreme knowledge to come-up with better solutions to fight this disease. The days of radical surgeries and amputation are far behind us thanks to the advancements in technology.

The FDA-approved drug, ADCETRIS, is the organization’s best-seller. This drug is known as an antibody-drug conjugate. By attaching itself to cancerous cells in the body, it will then go on to deliver its cocktails right into the cancerous cells. One of the best things about this drug is that it won’t leave the patient with sickening effects. Dr. Clay Siegall’s greatness in cancer research can’t be disputed because he has over 30 years of experience, he currently holds at least 15 medical patents, and he has written a plethora of cancer-related publications.

The Fortress Investment Group Invests Globally

The Fortress Investment Group is a global competitor that operates hedge funds worldwide. Business analysts are recommending putting your money into the Fortress Investment Group at the end of 2017. This is because it became public that the Fortress Investment Group was respected and trusted by over 1500 of the most influential institutions in the world. In fact, these institutions trusted the Fortress Investment Group so much that they allowed the company to manage $43.6 billion. This makes them one of the most widely trusted hedge fund management groups in the world. The reason that the Fortress Investment Group has been so successful over the years is because they found out the five core competencies the hedge fund management group must have in order to succeed. The first core competency is knowing how to manage asset-based investments. With asset-based investments were looking for a direct return on your money. This occurs to arbitrage, interest rates, and rent. If you know what to look for, then you can make a lot of money in this area.

The Fortress Investment Group has a lot of their money in real estate due to their ability to successfully pricing and manage these different commercial buildings. The Fortress Investment Group also focuses on a second core competency which is the ability to manage different operations in complex settings. The Fortress Investment Group is able to utilize the specialist team to decide the proper way to proceed when investments go to the advanced areas. This is done by using calculus and algebra and different mathematical formulas to decide how much money a company can make sure they invest in certain areas. To keep themselves safe from the ups and downs of stock market, the Fortress Investment Group has put all of its eggs in four different baskets. They look at the areas of private equity firms and the hedge funds and permanent capital vehicles and credit private equity in order to keep them afloat.The third core competency for the Fortress Investment Group is the knowledge that their workforce possesses.Have over 1500 analysts who look at market trends and advise appropriately.

Each one has a PhD in their specific industry and go through rigorous continuing education in order to make sure they are on the cutting edge of any change. The fourth core competency for the Fortress Investment Group is their ability to be consultants with other corporations. Mostly they specialize in the area of mergers and acquisitions. They worked hand-in-hand with stockholders and managers and executives to plan the best way to maintain the current structure and profit margins while engaging in fewest layoffs possible.The fifth core competency for the Fortress Investment Group is the ability to work with you and small businesses. While large corporations can sustain larger risk smaller businesses cannot. Because of that, the Fortress Investment Group will only put their money in low risk and low cost investments that hold great promise for growing soon in the foreseeable future.

Source of the article : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortress_Investment_Group

The Astounding Story of Ronald Fowlkes

After Ronald Fowlkes graduated from Army Jump School, he was lucky enough to serve as a marine. Additionally, Ronald served in St. Louis Police Department. At Marine, he was introduced to First Spear and later served as a police officer. Ronald Fowlkes enjoyed all those work experiences because he considered them special. For more than 20 years, Ronald has gained a lot of knowledge in development and design.

In an interview by Inspirery, Ronald says that he developed a lot of interest in FirstSpear equipment that later turned into a business idea. Fowlkes says that his business gets a significant number of clients through fieldwork activities. Ronald also attends as many trade shows as possible to increase the market base for the business. Most of the company’s customers recommend them to other clients. Ronald’s business, First Spear, gets numerous contacts from corporations and governments. First Spear supports NATO and law enforcement. The company mostly focuses on providing quality products to ensure satisfaction of customers. This strategy works best for the business because most clients come back or recommend them to others. Even though First Spear has a showroom, word of mouth is its best source of new customers.

According to Ideamensch, Ronald states that his passion and interest in the military was notable since he was young. He always wanted to be a marine since childhood. To achieve his dreams, he made wrote several application letters to Marine Corps. Getting a position at Marine Corps was quite challenging because he could not serve before he attained a certain age. He was quite disappointed when his applications were accepted but informed that he needed to wait until he was older. After Ronald graduated from high school, he was lucky enough to join Corps. Since he frequently saw tools from FirstSpear, he became interested in them. Ronald discovered that First Spear designed high-quality equipment.

Ronald says that during the day, he likes to balance between personal and business activities. Since his company carries out business internationally, he spends a lot of time making calls with clients from other countries. The first thing that Ronald does when he gets to his office is responding to emails and other types of business-related messages. Ronald Fowlkes states that teamwork is one of the best ways he gets things done. Different departments in his company work jointly to develop new ideas. Making notes and recording things helps Ronald to stay productive at work. Fowlkes advises young entrepreneurs to surround themselves with good people.

In addition to running his company, Ronald is also a hockey fan. One of his hobbies is coaching a youth league. In his blog, he loves talking about his experiences while playing hockey. In one of his posts, he discusses fighting while playing hockey.


Dick and Betsy DeVos efforts to changing institutions

A couple of years ago, Dick DeVos had a vision of changing the direction of the Grand Rapids airport to make it extend its wings and fly to prosperity. Since Dick had direct access to the CEO, he decided to contact the CEO and share his plan on how the low-cost carrier could extend its profits by adding nonstop flights out of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport to other states.


Once southwest airlines came into the picture in the airport after purchasing AirTran airways that were serving in the Grand Rapids. Dick convinced the company to maintain their flights to Orlando and Baltimore, and they extended their flights to Michigan after seeing how business was taking up. Later on, direct flights went to Orlando, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Denver.


This growth in flights led to the Grand Rapids airport undertaking major changes to constructing restaurants, new washrooms, business centers and streamlining security checks with a total investment of $45 million.


This was the impact that Dick had on institutions; his efforts of change go back as far as 1991 when he decided to lobby against the construction of a multi-purpose sports and convention arena in Downtown. During that time, Dick was the CEO of his family’s Amway Corp.


His efforts in lobbying against the idea of constructing such a large facility stemmed through what he saw in the 1970s in Detroit, where the Pontiac Silverdome and the Palace of the Auburn Hills made the Pistons and the Lions leave the city. Dick never wanted construction to have such an effect in his hometown Grand Rapids.


During his campaign against the sports facility, he ended up mobilizing business leaders who were pioneers of the construction of the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Van Andel Arean, the Michigan State University’s medical school, the Grand Rapids City Market and the DeVos Performance Hall, to form the Grand Action Group.


Dick’s efforts of mobilizing this campaign is a natural thing to do because all through his adult life, Dick and Betsy have dedicated their time to change institutions and policies surrounding them. As mega-donors of GOP, they have influenced a lot of changes due to their political influence.


For instance, charter school expansion has been expanded by Betsy who also was carefully involved in making sure that the right people were in positions of power to influence the creation of policies and how they were to be implemented, especially in the education sector. Dick DeVos on the other hand also had an influence on reforms in 2012 where Michigan was converted to a right to work state from a state of organized labor. Michigan became the place where union membership was not considered as a term of employment.


Apart from their political influence, they also had philanthropic roots. For instance, between 1989 and 2015, scholarships to private schools, education reforms, leadership programs, arts and culture, churches, and health and human services received $138.7 million form the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is how big their impact was felt across institutions.


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Sussex Healthcare Needs Service-minded Professionals To Its Homes

Sussex Healthcare, one of the leading senior living networks in the United Kingdom, has invited applications from generous healthcare professionals to fill its numerous vacancies. Interestingly, the vacancies are spread across various homes of the network. It needs two Deputy Care Home Managers for its East Grinstead home. Professionals with at least a year experience can apply for the full-time opportunity that comes up with a number of benefits including pension apart from the salary. For its Horsham home, the network needs two Care Home Unit Managers with at least a year expertise in the similar role. The full-time opportunity has responsibilities such as maintaining staffing levels, assisting recruitment process, undertaking training for staff, and more.

For Billinghurst, West Sussex, the senior living network needs Kitchen Assistant for 24 hours. The part-time job offers excellent benefits including extra pay for weekends, pension, free transportation, subsidized meals, double pay on bank holidays, discounted accommodation, and more. The network needs an accounts assistant to keep purchase ledger for its home in Horsham. The responsibilities of the full-time opportunity include cheque requisitions, invoice processing, supplier queries, invoice queries, electronic and manual payments, account reconciliations, general administrations, and more. Sussex Healthcare also needs a number of qualified people to fill vacancies such as Senior Care Assistant, Domestic Assistant, Registered Mental Health Nurse, Support Worker, Weekend Driver, Laundry Assistant, Housekeeper, and more to its various houses.

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Sussex Healthcare was the product of a service-minded people in the United Kingdom, and it was established in the year 1985. It provides excellent care for the elders through personal attention and great medical assistance. The network has made a reputation of creating an active lifestyle for the inhabitants through a number of programs or activities. In its houses, Sussex Healthcare helps people to engage with what they are interested. It means that the elders who want to enhance their knowledge can read books, options to socialize, engage in various games, and more.

The senior home network also provides specialized care for people who are struggling with neurological disorders, dementia, PMLD, and more. In January 2018, the network got a new CEO as Amanda Morgan-Taylor joined the leadership with nearly 32 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Sussex Healthcare has nearly 23 houses across the country, and its houses are available in all the major cities of the United Kingdom. The senior home network has a great management team who are committed to making a difference in the service.

Find more about Sussex Healthcare: https://www.surreyandsussex.nhs.uk/working-for-us/

The Life Of A Law Enthusiast Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian who is a lawyer by profession. He holds a bachelors degree in administrative law from the Pontifical Cat5holic University of San Paulo where he graduated in 2009. He furthered his education at the University of Sao Paulo where he obtained a masters degree.

Fagali can speak both Spanish and English without a hitch. This gives him an advantage of being able to serve a wide range of clients. He represents them with so much professionalism that no other lawyer can beat him in this.

Bruno operates from Brazil. His clients enjoy his advice on legal issues that arise in the country. He also takes in cases from all over the country thus he’s able to reach as many clients as he can.

Since he joined the law system, Bruno has specialized in administrative law, urban law, ethics, compliance and regulatory law. He also contributes largely to projects that involve procurement.

Bruno’s integrity on the legal system has enabled him to help fight corruption in Brazil. Being an anti-corruption advocate, he has contributed in coming up with ways in which companies can operate in transparency. This way, corruption in Brazil has reduced significantly.

After completing his masters, he worked with Radi Calil Associados Advocacia. Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics has Bruno as its associate. He is also a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Other law firms that he worked with include Ramirez, Perez, Tojal law firm among others.

He partnered with Nova/sb, an ad agency where he helped out in matters involving the integrity of the corporates. He enhanced equality of the employees in the company, which led to a higher ranking of this agency in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali formed the FAGALI Advocacy in 2014. He kept in mind the clients who needed the way forward on matters concerning elections, corruption, compliance and the public law. The advocacy has a team of highly experienced legal persons and associates who guide the clients through the path of justice. Bruno could not find any better way to give back to the community other than giving them the best services in legal matters.

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The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional organization with its headquarters in Washington, D.C. and is for all architects in the United States. A group of thirteen architects founded the organization in 1857 in New York City. It was first named the New York Society of Architects then later changed to its current name. The AIA’s mission includes:

  1. Providing a centralized organization to represent the architectural profession and promoting good relationships, connections and camaraderie with other architects.
  2. Promoting artistic, scientific and practical trade of all members.
  3. Raising the standard of the architectural profession.
  4. Bringing all together to advance the art of being an architect.

In the 1880’s eleven chapters in other cities joined and AIA continued to grow. The headquarters in Washington, D.C. was completed in 1973, and by 2008, there were more than three hundred chapters. AIA now has ninety thousand licensed architects and professionals as members in five different levels of memberships. Students aren’t allowed to become members of the AIA, but they can become members of the American Institute of Architecture Students in various local and state chapters. Visit:http://conferenceonarchitecture.com/

Robert Ivy served on the Board of Directors at AIA in the 90’s then became CEO and Executive Vice President in 2011. He attended two universities, Tulane University and University of the South and received a Master of Architecture Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. Robert Ivy is known as being “warm, soft-spoken and wise”. He is passionate about the design segment of the industry, but wants the architect members of AIA to start thinking “outside the box”. He wants them to become more versatile by becoming involved in other areas such as public health and natural disasters. Robert Ivy would like to see buildings that are designed to encourage exercise by having access to stairs only, use building materials that are not harmful to one’s health, and he encourages involvement in social and political issues, as well. Robert Ivy is a member of many organizations, has written architectural journals and has been the recipient of many awards.

The AIA has recognized and honored many high achievers in the architectural profession. They hope to continue their outstanding outreach to all member architects by meeting their needs and interests with the continuing tradition of excellence they have been known to achieve. Read this article at ZDNET about Robert Ivy.


The Power of Basis, Elysium Health’s Supplement

Elysium Health is an new kind of consumer health company. The company was founded in 2014 by Dan Alminana, Eric Marcotulli, and Dr. Leonard Guarente. Dr. Guarente has had a prestigious career conducting research on the molecular and genetic causes of aging, while employed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for several decades.

What Elysium Health is Known For

Elysium Health regularly consults a panel of world-class scientists who are members of their scientific advisory board. They are all trained and experienced in fields of study intrinsically linked to human health and biology.

The company is currently working on several new products, all of which are in the pre-clinical or clinical trial stages of research. These products are focused on skin health, microbiome, cognitive health, muscle function, and circadian rhythms.

The product that Elysium Health currently sells is Basis, a daily dietary supplement formulated to boost NAD+ levels.

So, what is NAD+, and why should I care about it?

NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme that plays a role in many cellular functions like maintaining healthy DNA and energy creation. However, as we age, our NAD+ levels tend to decline, subsequently affecting the cellular processes in which the coenzyme is present.

That’s Where Basis Comes In

As stated before, Basis is a daily dietary supplement proven to increase NAD+ levels. The supplement is composed of two primary ingredients: nicotinamide riboside (a NAD+ precursor) and pterostilbene.

To ensure the safety and efficacy of the supplement, Elysium Health funded a clinical study in 2016. The results of the study showed that participants who took Basis daily for four weeks saw an average increase of 40% in their NAD+ levels. These increased levels were sustained as intake of the supplement was sustained.

Basis is Affordable

Basis is sold by Elysium Health on the company’s website. Consumers will find each jar includes sixty capsules of the supplement, enough for one month. The supplement is entirely free of nuts, artificial colors, gluten, and is vegan.

There are several subscription options available to buy the supplement, as well as a one-time purchase option. While the one-time purchase comes out to $60 for a month’s supply, the monthly cost is between $40-50 depending on the length of the subscription.